Providing Added Value

From his offices, nestled between the great wine-growing countries of France and Italy, in the Western part of Switzerland, Nicolas Schilling is in daily contact with some of his 400 winegrowers "team-leaders". Nicolas Schilling’s immense experience allows him to anticipate the next trend by bringing "tailor-made" wines and exciting packaging early to the market and its ever better educated consumers. 

Rigorous Work Rules to Achieve Quality Needs Sensitivity

Winemaking is super-craftmenship. Our team's enormous and thorough experience, all combined, lifts us to the elite of the world’s wine business, discreetly though !

Creativity, Merit of Lifetime Experience

Taste preferences, personal or cultural, are as vast as the world itself. Our team’s profound enologist’s background and its great knowledge of cultural sensitivities in various markets allow us to blend competitive, good-value "bottles of wines".

Blend Approval on Targeted Market

Our preferred customers are participating in the "process of the making", joining us in assembling wines, taste them blind, now and later so to correct any deviation from the target.