From the very beginning of his venture in 1979, emotion of curiosity and mobility has been Nicolas Schilling's power engine. Searching for small growers, family wineries, Domains and Chateaux as partners, in both France and Italy, convincing the most respected importers, distributors and chains, the target of Nicolas Schilling is to always select trustworthy relationships and highly rated competences, worldwide.

Discovery The Excellence of The Wines From France & Italy

Enjoy the journey and experiment the amazing know-how through the best wine growery regions of France and Italy.

Tailor-Made Wines for Markets

We blend especially for you wines to suit your markets, create packaging and label-designs so to make YOUR BRANDS successful!

From Vineyards to Markets

Having achieved distribution from Vineyards to Markets Overseas, we master successfully export-logistics, trade and legal issues, for millions of bottles, OUR PRIDE AND PASSION !

The Margin Provider

Since 1972, Nicolas Schilling's company has acquired great legitimacy and respect from numerous high-end professional operators, in very competitive markets - such as Japan and the USA.